Ditsobotla warns against land grabs

By Ramotswedi Rammutla July 06, 2020

Ditsobotla: The Ditsobotla Local Municipality recently warned residents about the continued land grabs occurring in the municipality. This follows the development of a new settlement in a portion of land called Lovedale which lies between Boikhutso and Shukran locations outside the CBD.

“The municipality wishes to advise residents of Boikhutso and the surrounding areas, that the land which is alleged to be a new settlement, is in essence an illegal settlement. The Municipality has neither authorized nor approved on-going activities on the Lovedale land” said the statement.

The municipality further warned that procedures and protocols are followed when awarding any piece of land for any purpose; “What is happening currently at Lovedale, does not conform to the standard procedure and protocol to award land for purposes of residential and or business occupation or any other purpose deemed fit”. 

The ailing municipality said that occupation on Lovedale land is illegal and that nobody was authorized nor delegated by the Municipality to facilitate the awarding of stands, neither a Councillor nor municipal employee.  

“Therefore, the Municipality hereby distances itself from the illegal activities of occupation on the land outside its established protocols. The Municipality further calls on the residents of Boikhutso and surrounding areas to reject the misleading information instigating occupation of land illegally.

Open and public processes are followed by the Municipality as and when disposing land for any use.   The Municipality calls on any persons with information regarding the people involved in this regrettable and unfortunate activity, to report such to the Municipality” concluded the statement.


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