Mahikeng Local Municipality closed due to COVID 19

By Ramotswedi Rammutla 16 July 2020

Mahikeng: The Mahikeng Local Municipality yesterday announced that it will close its offices due to a positive case of COVID 19.

“Offices will be closed with immediate effect due to a confirmed case of CVID 19 of one of our staff members who has tested positive for the virus” said a statement.

The municipality also announced that the building was being disinfected and contact tracing and testing was to take place. “The office will close to enable the process of fumigation… the Department of Health will be contacted to assist with screening and testing all contacts of the infected employees” added the statement.

Other municipal functions and units will continue to operate as usual; “other outside offices of the municipality i.e. Traffic Department and Fire services, refuse collections, etc will continue operations as normal, as they are not affected” said the statement from the communication unit.



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