Mabale to present Setswana screenwriting workshop

By Ramotswedi Rammutla

Mahikeng: The Writers Guild of South Africa, WGSA will from September 10th to 12th host an Indigenous screenwriting programme for Setswana. The programme will be presented by WGSA vice chairperson Tshenolo Mabale at the Mmabana Foundation in Mmabatho from Friday September 10 at 14:00; she will share her experience with participants interested in screen writing in Setswana. Mabale a seasoned screen writer having worked on Scandal, Greed& Desire, The Alliance, Lockdown 1 & 2, The Throne, Emoyeni, Generations and DeepCity is a South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) winner.

Mabale believes that professionalism and passion for writing are keys to success in the writing business; “Firstly, screenwriting is a job! Like any other. You have to take it seriously. For emerging screenwriters out there, I believe it starts with an inescapable need to want to write.”

She believe that the programme will provide the basic tools to those wishing to enter the industry; “The WGSA Indigenous Screenwriting Programme is specific in its aim to provide the basic screenwriting tools to emerging writers that live outside of the big cities of South Africa, who otherwise wouldn’t easily have access to such a great opportunity. They are presented in the indigenous languages spoken by the people of those areas. On a broader scale, the WGSA hopes the rest of the players within the South African TV & Film industry will adopt a real and measurable inclusivity of indigenous languages for writers to submit works in their natural mother tongue”.

The programme is for anyone with interest and will cover aspects like “Screenwriting is a job; Script; Story; Structure. The aim is to outline an introductory understanding to the screenwriting profession. The outcome at the end of the workshop is for participants to walk away with a product. Participants will produce professional short scripts that they can submit to the 2021 WGSA Muse Awards, which is a great platform of exposure for both the working and emerging screenwriter”.

Mabale also believes that the role of authentic stories as well as the marginalized should be brought forth by getting others to tell their stories. She says that she represents most of her own life experiences into her scripts and that is what makes her work rewarding. “I just want to tell stories that transform the spirit of a person to open up a small part within them to allow for positive growth in their lives. The role of women in the sector has always been there in the industry. The backbone of the industry is carried by women!. But we want more, and it’s now becoming unavoidable to the gate-keepers because writers like me, and many other wonderful women out there work tirelessly, we are no longer backing down. We want that gwap and we are getting it by any means necessary” concludes Mabale

To book your seat at the workshop visit https// and


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