Mahikeng takes Comerades Marathon

Winner of 2022 Comrades Marathon Tete Dijana.

Mahikeng: Dijana who hails from Lonely Park village in Mahikeng has been running from early age whilst a learner at Lapologang Secondary School. 

He is currently employed as a security guard at the Mahikeng Campus of the North West University. He took leave a few months ago to intensify his preparations for the Comrades marathon. 

Premier Maape maintains his story personifies tenacity. 

” The people of the province personify what I said in my maiden State of the Province Address when I qouted Nigerian Author and Poet, Ben Okri. We are people who have the capacity to endure and turnaround our lives no matter the challenges confronting us” said Premier Maape. 

Hot on Dijana’s heels was Edward Mothibi who also hails from Mahikeng at Magogoe village. Mothibi was the men’s defending champion of the Comrades Marathon. 

Premier Maape also takes this opportunity to congratulate Adele Broodryk from Potchefstroom who obtained third position in the Women’s Marathon. The mother of two who is also a Lecturer at the North West University was competing for the first time in the Comrades Marathon. 

” This continues to demonstrate that the province is abundant with talented people. We have been working hard in resuscitating and promoting sports in various parts of the province. And our efforts are now paying dividends” remarked Premier Maape. 

Plans are already underway to give the two champions and all who participated in the marathon a heroes welcome. 




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