The Maftownian

A Bi-Weekly Tabloid Newspaper published in both print and digital format.

The paper is distributed in the North West province, of South Africa as a regional publication which covers an array of topics around Heritage, Culture, Lifestyle, Tourism, Agriculture, Education, Entertainment and Sports.

The paper is published by Mollo Multimedia a subsidiary of MWK Media and Projects. The Maftownian was established in February 2019. The paper is based in Tsetse Village.

Mafeking, Mafikeng or Mahikeng was established by the Barolong Boo Ratshidi their totem is iron, they learned how to smelt during the iron age. The area was claimed as a British colony and has served as the first capital of the Republic of Botswana as well as Bophuthatswana, currently the North West province. As a town of the first’s it is the birthplace of the Scouts Movement derived during the Mahikeng Seige using Mephato (cadets) natively used by the Barolong as intelligence and land scouts, a role normally given to herd boys (Badisa).

The generations that grew up in the town in the 90th century named the town “Maftown”, this is how the town continues to be known to this day. The Maftownian represents the culture of the town which gave rise to black media excellence as well as the propulsion of broadcast media in South Africa. The town is the birth place to South Africa’s past present and future stars, both behind and in front of the screens, microphones and keyboards.

The Maftownian is the celebration of a rich culture of academic, media and political excellence as a contribution to the South African perspective.



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