Residents in Moshawane closed down N18 in Mahikeng with burning tires over destroyed shacks

The N18 road to the Ramatlabama border post has been shutdown with tires and trees by residents in Moshawane. Picture Ramotswedi Rammutla

Mahikeng: Residents in Moshawane Village outside Mahikeng have closed the N18 Road leading to the Ramatlabama border post. This after the Mahikeng Local Municipality implemented a court order barring them from erecting structures on Portion 1, 2 & 3 of Farm Sunnyside 54 NW, JO Mahikeng along the same route and road leading to Matsapole and Tsetse Village.

According to residents officials from the municipality destroyed shacks in the morning of Friday, January 27th which is the reason for the road closure.

Residents in Moshawane closed down the N18 leading to the Ramatlabama border post. Video by Ramotswedi Rammutla

“The court order was long issued, of which was shared with the people that had been selling and allocating stands on the farm. This includes Frans Mosweu and the tribal authority Kgosi Matlho Molema” said John Nkoane Municipal Spokesperson.

The land in question has been classified as Agricultural land and since early 2022. There has been errection of structures like shacks and house by individuals that have bought the land from the Molema and Mosweu.

Mosweu or Molema could not be reached at at the time of publishing. The story was still developing…



“First of all Iam a fan of Life” Tearless …The Maftownian 15th – 30th November 2022 Edition

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Kgetsi ya polao ya lesea la kgwedi dile tlhano kwa Kgakala e buseditswe morago

Lazarus Chaka Hambone (38), o buseditswe kwa ntloana lofitshwana go emela tsatsi lwa gagwe lwa kopo ya beile ya kgetsi ya polao ya lesea la kgwedi dile tlhano.

Leeudoringstad : Kgotlha Tshekelo ya Magistrata ya Leeudoringstad e buseditse kgetsi ya polao kgatlanong le Lazarus Chaka Hambone (38), go 22 Ngwanatsele, go kgobakanga dintlha. Mmueledimogolo wa molatofatswa o kupile kgetse gore e boele kwa morago go tsereganya pele ga kopo ya beile; mme kgotlatshekele e dumetse.

Mmuso o ikaeletse go ema kgatlanong le kopo ya beile, ka mabaka a gore mmelaelwa o kwantle ka parole mabapi le kgetsi engwe ya polao ka 2011.

Mapodise a bega fa Hambone a ne a tshwarwa ka latshipi wa Ngwanatsele a thola matsatsi a le marataro mabapi le polao ya ngwana wa dikgwedi dile tlhano kwa Extension 4, ya Motsesetorop wa Kgakala kwa Leeudoringstad.

Kgabagare sepodise se bega fa Hambone a ne a lwa ka mafoko le setlogolo sa gagwe sa dingwaga dile masomeathataro (16), yo oneng a pepile lesea lwa gagwe lwa mosimane, ka Lamatlhatso wa Ngwanatsele a tlhola malatsi a le matlhano. Mmelaelwa o ne a tswela kwa ntle a galifile a boa a tshotse garawe e a neng a leka go betsa motlogolo ka yone, mme a mo fosa a feleletsa a beditse lesea.

Lesea le ne lwa feleletsa lo tabogeseditswe kwa bookelo potlana ba selegae kwa baneng ba mo potlakisetsa kwa Bookeleong ba Wolmaransstad jo boneng ba fetisetsa kwa Bokelong jwa Tshepong kwa Matlosana; kwa a tlhokafaletseng gone, kantlheng ya dikgobalo tse dimasisi mo tlhogo.

Mmelaelwa o tlile go busetswa kgolegelong go fitlhela a tlhagelela kwa kgotlhatshekelo go kopa beile.


Mahikeng: Premier of the North West, Kaobitsa Bushy Maape will on Monday, 31 October 2022 visit Onkgopotse Tiro Comprehensive School to give a pep-talk to learners and assess the state of readiness ahead of the 2022 final year examinations. 

The school was named after struggle veteran Onkogopotse Abram Tiro. Tiro who was SRC president at the then Turfloop University. 

He was also a history teacher at Isaac Morison High School which later became a hive of political activities during the 1976 Student Uprisings. 

Tiro was one of the first anti-apartheid activists to be killed through a parcel bomb while in exile at Gaborone-Botswana. 

The school accommodates largely learners from impoverished families and in particular farming communities in the Mahikeng and Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipalities. 

Last year the school obtained 97.4 % pass rate and over the years it has received excellence awards in teaching and learning.


Suspects arrested for trying to bribe a Klerksdorp investigating officer

Klerksdorp – Two suspects aged 50 and 28 were arrested by the North West Hawks’ Serious Corruption Investigation team on Sunday, October 23 in Klerksdorp.

The pair allegedly offered an investigating officer R50 000 to get rid of a docket involving their friend who is a former senior municipality official.

The pair was nabbed at the Hawks offices, moments after handing over R25 000 and a bottle of Glenfiddich whisky to the investigating officer. Their vehicle was searched and R41 500 was allegedly also found. Both suspects will appeared before the Klerksdorp Magistrate’s Court on Monday, October 24th where they arw facing charges of corruption. Meanwhile the money and the vehicle have been seized for further investigation.

The Provincial Head for the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation in North West – Major General Patrick Mbotho hailed the investigating officer for upholding the highest level of integrity and warned people to refrain from enticing police officials because it will not end well for them.


Mahikeng takes Comerades Marathon

Winner of 2022 Comrades Marathon Tete Dijana.

Mahikeng: Dijana who hails from Lonely Park village in Mahikeng has been running from early age whilst a learner at Lapologang Secondary School. 

He is currently employed as a security guard at the Mahikeng Campus of the North West University. He took leave a few months ago to intensify his preparations for the Comrades marathon. 

Premier Maape maintains his story personifies tenacity. 

” The people of the province personify what I said in my maiden State of the Province Address when I qouted Nigerian Author and Poet, Ben Okri. We are people who have the capacity to endure and turnaround our lives no matter the challenges confronting us” said Premier Maape. 

Hot on Dijana’s heels was Edward Mothibi who also hails from Mahikeng at Magogoe village. Mothibi was the men’s defending champion of the Comrades Marathon. 

Premier Maape also takes this opportunity to congratulate Adele Broodryk from Potchefstroom who obtained third position in the Women’s Marathon. The mother of two who is also a Lecturer at the North West University was competing for the first time in the Comrades Marathon. 

” This continues to demonstrate that the province is abundant with talented people. We have been working hard in resuscitating and promoting sports in various parts of the province. And our efforts are now paying dividends” remarked Premier Maape. 

Plans are already underway to give the two champions and all who participated in the marathon a heroes welcome. 




Struggle veteran and trade unionist Rita Alice Ndzanga. Picture supplied

Mahikeng – North West Premier, Kaobitsa Bushy Maape has on behalf of the North West Provincial Government expressed sadness at the passing of struggle veteran and trade unionist Rita Alice Ndzanga.

Ms Ndzanga, passed away on Wednesday, 17 August 2022, at the age of 88. She was born on 17 October 1933 to Isaac and Alina More at Mogopa Village near Ventersdorp. In 1977 her husband Lawrence Ndzanga died in prison after being incarcerated for political activities. 

Reflecting on Ms Ndzanga participation in the liberation struggle, Premier Maape said she belonged to a generation of stalwarts who dedicated their lives to the liberation of the country. She was also instrumental in the formation of the South African Congress of Trade Unions. 

“She belonged to a generation of leaders who were ethical, resilient and selfless” remarked Premier Maape.

In 2004 Ms Ndzanga was the recipient of the National Order of Luthuli for her contribution in the country’s realization for a non-racial, non-sexist, free and democratic South Africa. This includes her immense contribution in advocating for workers’ rights during a period marred with exploitation, abuse and racial oppression of the Black working class.

It was around this period and in particular in 1969 where Ndzanga was detained under the Terrorism Act and kept in jail for eighteen months. Upon her release she was banned and restricted to Senaoane Township for a further five years. 

Premier Maape conveyed his heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and comrades of the late veteran Rita Ndzanga. He hailed Mama Rita Ndzanga as a trailblazer whose fighting spirit and sacrifices will be engraved in the country’s revolutionary discourse and in particular organised labour. 

“She diligently  served workers and prioritized their interests particularly in dismantling Apartheid and its draconian laws. Her contribution as a Member of Parliament forms of a rich legacy she leaves behind” said Premier Maape.

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